Conservation Community Service Program

Purpose: It encourages awareness of our natural resources and caring for the world around us. Environmental education; care for our air, land, and water; recycling; litter cleanup; partnerships with community groups, schools, and children; support of wildlife; energy conservation; tree planting; and beautification

  Clean up trash and litter.
Go paperless.
Find creative and purposeful ways to reuse glass containers.
  Donate or sell old clothing.
Reuse plastic bags as liners in smaller trash cans.
Stop using plastic grocery bags.  Try a reusable cloth bag instead.
Cut down on plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups.
Carry a reusable water bottle and/or travel coffee mug.
Explore zero waste practices.
Ride a bicycle.
Start a compost pile.
Make your own natural cleaning products.
  Visit a park on a regular basis.
Enjoy nature. Plant a tree.  Care for trees and donate funds for reforestation plans.
Plant a garden - at your home, your clubhouse, in your community. Plant wildflowers.
Conserve water and energy.
Choose projects about the environment - conservation, reducing, reusing, recycling.
Implement beautification projects at parks, hospitals, shelters, cemeteries, and community gathering places.
Clean up trash after youth softball and baseball games and community events.


Sponsor an Arbor Day or Earth Day poster contest with a certain theme. Display the posters at your town library or town hall. Award blue ribbons. Give each child a tree seedling along with stickers and flyers about trees and recycling.

  Purchase tree saplings and distribute them to community scout groups to plant on Arbor Day.

  Participate in Nike's "Reuse-A-Shoe" program which takes worn out sneakers and makes Nike Grind, a material used in sports surfaces and playgrounds.

Participate in "Soles 4 Souls" by donating gently worn shoes for distribution to individuals in need. Zappos will take 15 pairs free of charge or go to their website for drop off locations.