Arts Community Service Program

Purpose: The GFWC Arts Community Service Program encourages members to promote and support arts activities in their clubs, schools, and communities. It is designed to inspire clubwomen and ignite within them a desire to make their world a more beautiful place.

Ideas: Think outside of the box, put a new slant on an idea, and adapt it to your club work. With all projects/programs, think diversity - work with or for other groups or highlight diversity as the theme.

  Create an "Our Town is Great" map of your community with pictures/drawings and descriptions of historic sites, monuments, and points of interest. Print it and distribute to your Chamber of Commerce, library, town hall, and other prime locations. Include club contact information.

Host an art supply drive within your club. Contact your local school district or community center to see what is needed.

Hold a "Chalk the Walk" contest for elementary school children on sidewalks in front of your municipal building, library, elementary school, etc. Have an international theme. Club supplies the chalk and blue ribbons to the winners.

"Hire" student jazz combos, string quartets, or even the whole band to perform at club events.

  Hold a fundraiser to purchase a large piece of equipment for your local schools' art, music, or drama departments, such as a potter's wheel, kiln, microphones, or technology.)

Work with local Girl Scouts to foster a safe Halloween by offering free face painting to children before they trick or treat.

  Attend public art displays, plays, and concerts as part of a social event for your club. Use member art for club cookbook covers, greeting cards, program covers, etc.

Hold a Christmas centerpiece/wreath-making workshop at a local florist as a club program.

Decorate a city park or municipal plaza with oversized greeting cards. The cards are constructed of 4' x 4' pieces of wood painted with a holiday greeting. Celebrate diversity by recognizing the many holidays that take place during December.

Sponsor ads in local theater or school theatre playbills.

Have elementary school children draw pictures of people in the community who are important to them, like teachers, cafeteria workers, Sunday school teachers, day-care workers, parents, grandparents, etc. Display them at the town library, city hall, or school. Give ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each grade.

Volunteer at your local schools to assist with or establish an art program for students.

Establish scholarships for students studying the arts such as literature, drama, or music.  This could be to attend an arts school or summer camp.