Membership Program

Purpose: The General Federation of Women's Clubs unites the best and brightest of today's women into a strong coalition that promotes community improvement through volunteer service. GFWC provides the resources and support to help you and your club better serve your community
        a.        DEVELOP AN "ELEVATOR SPEECH" An "elevator speech" is a brief personal statement about something that is meaningful to you, which can be presented in about 30 seconds-the length of the average elevator ride. Chance encounters at grocery stores, coffee shops, community events, and social gatherings are often great opportunities to share your enthusiasm for GFWC with a potential member.

2.        RETENTION We need to go out and rebuild and strengthen our core group of members, remembering you cannot go out and recruit new players to a faltering team, right?

        a.        In order to engage your members, your club should ensure an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship and provide varied opportunities for them to exercise their talents and abilities. Encouraging involvement not only capitalizes on members' creativity and skills but also increases their commitment and allegiance.

        b.        Encourage member input through a suggestion box, formal interviews and surveys, or by just striking up an informal conversation at a club meeting.

        c.        Establish and maintain an effective system of communicating with your members.

        d.        Encourage attendance at district, state, region, and national GFWC events where important program and Federation information is shared. Be sure to bring back and share with fellow members what you learn.

        e.        Keep club projects fresh, relevant, and interesting to the entire membership. If a project is past its time, then bury it!

        f.         Initiate brainstorming sessions to give all members a voice in club activities and foster a sense of ownership.

        a.        Encourage all club members to subscribe to GFWC Clubwoman Magazine, which is mailed to subscribers four times per year; and News & Notes, a free, weekly electronic newsletter that offers tips and program ideas to enhance your club's community improvement efforts.

        b.        Share and discuss the GFWC Club Manual, a leadership guide providing clubs with essential management tools and community service project resources to enhance the effectiveness of your club. Set aside a time at each club meeting to discuss a section of the club manual.

        c.        Invite a state or district leader to speak at a club meeting, building the meeting's theme around her area of expertise

        d.        Utilize the GFWC Press Release Template to publicize your club's activities.

        a.        Here are a few suggestions for ways to incorporate new members into the group:

i.        Hold a special initiation or induction ceremony for new members and present them with the GFWC member pin.

ii.Encourage a class of new members to conduct their own service project with an experienced member to provide guidance.

iii. Find out what skills, talents, and abilities each new member has and is willing to share (e.g. parliamentary procedure skills, computer skills, artistic talents, etc.).

iv.Following a successful recruitment time, you should have several new members. Make sure you are teaching them all about your club and about GFWC. Host new member orientations during this quarter assign Big Sis/Little Sis or Mentors to New Members and be sure to involve them at each meeting so they become more comfortable with the organization.


vi.Explaining the various club committees and Community Service Programs and suggesting a committee assignment compatible with her interests. Ensuring the new member understands all club rules, including but not limited to membership dues, attendance requirements, and committee/project requirements. Informing the new member about club, district, state, region, and national meetings and events held throughout the year and attending them with her, if possible.




1.         GFWC acknowledges and celebrates milestone club anniversaries with a certificate, letter from the GFWC International President, and recognition in GFWC Clubwoman Magazine.


        a.During your recruiting season host events, invite prospects to your meetings, ask members to each bring a friend, focusing on bringing in women from different groups within your community. Make a game of it! Reward members for bringing in new members. For example, every member who brings a guest to the November meeting will receive one raffle ticket for a special drawing at the December meeting. If the guest signs up to be a member, the current member receives 5 tickets for the December drawing. Make sure you have a special gift

7.        SUCCESSFUL RECRUITMENT EVENT TIPS see -Club Manual Advancement Guide- Membership for the tips.