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Each artist (a graduating high school senior) must be a resident of Indiana and be endorsed by a club in active membership. 

Each district shall have a competitive art exhibit at least four (4) weeks prior to the State Convention for senior students wishing to pursue a career in art.  The district winner will be entered in the state competition held at the annual IFC Convention. Artwork by each district winner will be exhibited at State Convention.  ONLY ONE ENTRANT PER DISTRICT WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Qualified judges will select the winner and one alternate.

1.        Each entrant must submit three (3) original pieces of artwork.  All areas of art will be accepted.

2.        Each entrant shall submit a letter of intent to attend an art school or a post-secondary school with a
major in art.  Each entrant shall have an endorsement from a high school Principal or art teacher.  A
copy of this Application Form for each district winner is to be sent to the IFC Art Chairman .
3.        Upon notification to GFWC IFC from the institution that the winner has enrolled, a check for $1,000
will be issued payable to the institution.  Winners must be enrolled in the chosen institution in the fall of the same year the scholarship is granted.
4.        The original Application Form, letters of intent and endorsement MUST accompany all artwork
along with the GFWC Creative Arts Waiver form to the District Competition.

Members of the GFWC IFC attending the Convention may select by ballot the recipient of a $50 award for the most popular piece of artwork.



Listed below are guidelines for the GFWC IFC Art Contest.  You will be notified of the Date, Place and Time of the District Art Contest.  This is usually near the beginning of February.

1.   The contest is open to any graduating high school senior, who is a resident of Indiana and pursuing a
      career in art.

2.   Clubs may sponsor more than one student.

3.    Each entrant shall submit a letter of intent of attendance at an Art School or a post-secondary school
       with a major in art.  Each entrant shall have an endorsement from a high school Principal or Art

4.    Each entrant must submit three (3) pieces of artwork. All areas of art will be accepted.

5.    Art teachers and/or local artists judge the artwork.

6.    The original Application Form, letters of intent, and endorsement are to be brought (by the art student)
 to the District Contest by 9:30 AM and should be picked up at 12 noon the day of the district contest.  A copy of  the Application Form for District winner is to be sent to the IFC Art Chairman after competition and before State Convention. (see Application Form)

7.    Prizes and certificates-EXAMPLE-  NW District Contest usually gives to the three top winners.
          First  place = $100.00;    Second place = $50.00;   Third place = $25.00.

8.   The first place winner of each district (5) will be exhibited in the IFC Art Scholarship Contest in
 Indianapolis at the State Convention. The sponsoring club is responsible for getting the art winner's 
 entry to the state contest with the required  documents.  Convention is in April. 

9.   The grand winner at the State level will receive a $1,000 Scholarship to their chosen institution, after
       notification of enrollment is received by IFC

Note:  Remember that every high school has qualified artists who are waiting to be discovered.  Let's help
           them gain recognition.